We're back!

Nunsploitation.Net will be back online in 2014!


Nunsploitation.net, your resource for naughty nun movie news, reviews, and downloads, will be returning soon in 2014!

Hey, Nunsploitation fans! Thanks for checking up on us! We originally planned to be back online last year, but we ran into some snags with the design of the web site. We're going with a new designer this year and so far things look promising! It's been a long wait, we know, but once we're back online, we're sure you'll agree it will be worth the wait!

Look for a bigger and more interactive movie database! You'll be able to rate movies, make comments, upload reviews & information, and interact with the site in ways you never could before! Your favorite reviewers, Rod Zombie and Tenebrous Kate, will be back! We're looking forward to unveiling the new Nunsploitation.Net!

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